3D printer business: best ideas

Modern technology is advancing at lightning speed. One of the most popular and useful technologies of recent years has become 3D printing. The process itself involves layer-by-layer printing of various materials, mainly plastic.

In addition to trinkets, people have been printing like this for several years: organs, mechanical parts and even edibles. If you activate your imagination and master special programs, you can easily create something unique. Having understood 3D printing, you can easily open a business or implement it in an existing one. In this article, we will go into detail about 3D printing and present real business ideas using 3D printing.

What is 3D printing?

There are several types of 3D printing that use different technologies:

    • Extrusion… Uses fused deposition modeling or Robokasting technology. During printing, you can use different materials and colors in both cases. In the first case, the material simply solidifies upon cooling. In the second case, the material takes shape instantly.
    • light curing… This technology works in laser stereolithography (SLA, SLA-DLP, SLA-LCD). Unfortunately, in all cases, neither printing with multiple materials at the same time nor color printing is possible. In fact, an ultraviolet laser with various DLP and LCD technologies is used.
    • Forming a layer on top of a level layer of powder… Various printing technologies are used in this type: electron beam melting, selective laser sintering, direct laser sintering and selective thermal sintering. Here too, printing with several materials at the same time and printing in color are impossible. Basically, it uses the fusion of metallic powder under the action of a laser.
  • wire feed… This type uses electron beam production technology of free-form products. Here it is possible to print with several materials at the same time, and color printing is also available. The technology uses electronic radiation to heat the wire material and then shape it.
  • Lamination… Manufacture of objects by lamination. Color printing is possible. In fact, all parts are created on the basis of a large number of layers of work material, after which the part itself is laser cut.
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Business ideas in a 3D printer

3D printing technology has a wide variety of uses. There are many ideas for creating a company on this basis. Here is a list of the most interesting and profitable ideas:

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  • Manufacture of unique products.
  • Prototyping for industrial production.
  • Manufacture of chocolate products.
  • Making 3D copies of people.
  • Printing 3D copies of museum exhibits.
  • Home printing.
  • Creation of architectural models.
  • Production of aligners for dental clinics.
  • Production of molds for cookies / gingerbread.
  • Inauguration of the Center for Additive Technologies (CAT).
  • Manufacture of garments.
  • Manufacture of prostheses to order.
  • Production of 3D maps.
  • Inauguration of a 3D printing school.
  • Production of 3D advertising products.
  • Jewelry manufacturing.

The most promising business ideas

Of all the above ideas, some of the most promising and profitable ones can also be distinguished. Of course, as with any business, investments will not be recouped instantly, but with proper promotion of your business, literally a few large orders (or even a contract) can recoup all costs.

3D printing of dentures

Unfortunately, life is unpredictable. You never know what will happen to your health. Many people have had accidents or disasters and lost limbs. Prosthetics save these people in everyday life. Unfortunately for many, dentures (and even more good ones) are very expensive.

3D printer business: the best ideas

This is where a 3D printer can be extremely useful. He can create dentures quickly from plastic, polymers and other materials and at an affordable price for most. Just buy a good quality printer and find experts in the creation of prostheses and their 3D visualization.

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Printing houses on a 3D printer

Building a house is a very laborious process. Also, it requires a lot of money and time resources. Unfortunately, most people don't have that luxury. There are many people like that and the option of building a house on a 3D printer might be interesting for them. There are already several large companies in Russia that produce houses using 3D printers.

There are actually two options for building a house using a 3D printer:

  • Wall printing and subsequent assembly.
  • All house stamps are in place.

3D printer business: the best ideas

The price difference is not big. Among other things, this option of building a house is much faster than the classic one. For example, an ordinary box using a manipulator-based printer can be assembled in just 24 hours.

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Production of aligners for dental clinics

A large number of people all over the world use the services of dentists and most of them use special devices called aligners. The production of such devices is quite laborious and time consuming, however, using a 3D printer, they can be produced personally for everyone in the shortest possible time. The price of these aligners is quite high, and in the case of purchasing a suitable 3D printer, the costs will be recouped in 5-7 orders.

3D printer business: the best ideas

Inauguration of 3D printing school

The direction of 3D printing is quite extensive. Many people are increasingly thinking about starting their own business based on this. Unfortunately, there are very few really affordable, high-quality 3D printing courses with the necessary equipment and a well-developed program. In fact, all you need to do is buy a 3D printer and master the program necessary to simulate everything your heart desires. The only thing left to do is teach this to the students.

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3D printer business: the best ideas

final thoughts

As you can see, there are a huge number of ideas for creating a business based on 3D printing and there could be even more. The topic is so extensive for creating many variations of various products that you can reason endlessly and come up with something new.

The main problem for a 3D printer business is finding customers. Not everything is in our th country is so progressive in the use of this technology. However, with the right presentation of the idea and an eloquent presentation with real numbers, even the strongest skeptics will not be able to bear it and will agree that technology is the future and will be ready to invest their funds.

As in any business, the most important thing is to learn. It is worth studying the subject in depth, dealing with the whole variety of printers, as well as 3D modeling programs.

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