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It means wallowing in books for entrepreneurs. There are so many on the market, our eyes widen and we often don't know how to narrow the selection down to at least 15-20 collections. At first glance, it may seem that it is not a small number either, but if you look at the amount of this literature, especially in our time, you will doubt and want to read not 20, but 30 books. Not surprising, because all are useful.

Business books are a great tool to understand how to start a business with zero and what is needed for that. It is important not only to choose the right trade literature, but also to read it correctly.: to highlight, annotate, implement practical tasks, if any. We all know that picking up a book doesn't mean becoming an overnight entrepreneur. A collection is not enough to understand how to become an entrepreneur just for you. It is recommended to read some books and draw your own picture from the conclusions drawn.

It's also worth realizing that as a successful entrepreneur, your knowledge must be up to date, and for that it's important to read business books and get to know the experience of other personalities.

Why else is it worth reading business books?

We'll add more reading motivation and cite non-obvious reasons to take a book on business development on your next trip. of such:

  • knowledge of the author's concept of building a business;
  • advice on sales, negotiations, forHow to prepare commercial offers and time management;
  • the opportunity to look at your business through the eyes of a writer and thus identify shortcomings;
  • books on how to do business help you quickly dive into a new branch of knowledge, derive new ideas and creative solutions to problems;
  • Such literature can replace special education, if you choose the right books and put everything into practice.
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Remember that every page you read is capable of releasing your mental gum. It is true food for the mind, which, in addition to self-development and knowledge, inspires action.

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How to read books correctly to develop entrepreneurial thinking and your business?

Yes, as you understood from the title, just browsing through this collection will not work. If you're determined to squeeze everything you read that will help you monetize your hobby or continue to drive up the price of a product, then we'll help you with that. Some recommendations:

  • question the author's words, even the most influential; verify information with different sources of information;
  • set a daily or weekly goal (read n pages or spend n minutes a day on a book);
  • rewrite the practical recommendations and everything that seemed important to you in a separate notebook;
  • discuss and share the book with people to reinforce what you have read;
  • while reading the literature, give yourself practical tasks, analyze approaches;
  • after you read the book, write a review about it and all the most important things you have emphasized from there.

Approach this process consciously, because reading a book is not entertainment, but analysis, research and training.

It is also important to say that when choosing a book, the main rule is not to give preference to the cover. Focus on the reviews, find out something about the author, and don't believe the promising lines on the title page. To save you time, we have selected for you the 15 best business books that have helped hundreds of thousands of people.

books for entrepreneurs

A selection of the best business books: Business books from scratch

We are sure that among them you will find your best business book, whose reading will motivate you to new goals and achievements.

Steve Jobs, Walter Isaacson.

The book is about the biography of the co-founder of Apple Corporation, which after a while received a film adaptation. The letter is based on interviews with Steve Jobs and his friends, family, rivals and colleagues. The co-founder did not influence the author, which makes the book interesting as there are honest answers without corrections.

Design Thinking in Business by Tim Brown.

Tim Brown is CEO of IDEO. It is the most successful design company to date. This is the best book for aspiring entrepreneurs in the design world.

The Key to Success, by Rob D. Thompson.

Every business starts with ideas and ideas are born in the head. Therefore, this book teaches you how to achieve success not just in your business, but in all areas of life. We all have 24 hours a day, the main thing is figuring out how to use them effectively.

Zero to one by Peter Thiel.

The principles described in the collection work in practice. They teach you the basics of entrepreneurship and how to successfully launch a startup. The author is the founder of the PayPal payment system, an early investor in Facebook, LinkedIn and Airbnb, the creator of Palantir Technologies, an analytics software company for the CIA and global financial organizations. Peter Thiel, a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur, shares his experience with readers.

“Leave your mark”, Blake Micosky.

Blake Maikoski is the founder of TOMS and has made his brand one of the most popular in the footwear world. In addition, the author's company helps children in need according to the following principle: when you buy a pair of shoes, you sponsor a charitable foundation. Leave your mark on people's hearts with your work with the advice of Blake Micoski.

“How to become an entrepreneur”, Oleg Tinkov.

Simple books on how to start your own business. Tinkov has built five successful companies in different areas of business and has billions of dollars in revenue. He talks about his experiences with good advice for young entrepreneurs in plain language.

The Art of Beginnings, Guy Kawasaki.

The book is about starting your own business and beyond. There's everything here: from developing a new product within an existing company to creating an international corporation and religious community. This literature is more about the author's own approach than a collection of practical guidelines. With it, you can form your opinion about different situations, denying or agreeing with Kawasaki's theses.

"Eat. move. Sleep, Tom Rath.

Another collection about the direct impact of lifestyle on business. A truly important topic because things like motivation and desire to create depend on our inner sense of self and health. With this book, you will turn to everyday habits that, at first glance, seem harmless, but prevent you from successfully building your business.

“It won't be easy,” said Ben Horowitz.

One of those business books for beginners that immediately teaches you how to make non-standard decisions and deal with early problems quickly and definitively.

“Black Swan”, Nassim Taleb.

To relate this collection more to fiction. Talk about the Black Swan theory and how to fight it. How are humanity's achievements changing and destroying the world at the same time? You'll find answers to many questions you couldn't even think of. Learn to build a business in the face of uncertainty and chaos.

“Pour it into your heart. Starbucks was built cup by cup,” Howard Schultz.

The book about a global company that started from scratch and is now successful is in your hands. Debunking myths and stereotypes will convince you to start a big business. This is a treasure trove of tips and simple truths that will come in handy not just in business, but in life as well.

The Habits of the Poor: You'll Never Get Rich If..., Alexander James.

In the book, the author examines stereotypes of thinking that are an obstacle to wealth. Similar to the book above, but not about a successful business. Here, Alexander James focuses on re-evaluating beliefs.

“PIXAR. restart. An ingenious book on crisis management”, Lawrence Levy.

The best business creation books teach you about corporate culture and how to convince people of the importance of your product. That's what Lawrence Levy, Pixar's first CFO, writes about. The author was Steve Jobs' right-hand man, learned the basics of dealing with a company crisis, and is ready to share his valuable experience with readers.

The Innovator's Dilemma by Clayton Christensen.

How do successful companies and corporations, with top executives and the best talent, make endless mistakes? Clayton Christensen will talk about it. He argues that innovation and development is the right path to business prosperity, but how to implement it? The book will reveal all the secrets.

“Made in America. How I Created Wal-Mart”, Sam Walton.

Do you want to know the story of one of the richest people on the planet from A to Z? Sam Walton shares his experience and provides basic tools for managing your wholesale and retail business. An autobiographical book will reveal the secrets of successful company development and provide space for reflection.

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This collection is a real treasure. Most of the compilations here talk about the business wins of various companies and how they got the whole world talking about them. While someone else's experience is unique, it's always worth learning from someone else's mistakes and, most importantly, drawing conclusions. The best business literature will certainly help you in this.

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