What is the minimum income needed to get a mortgage loan?

Mortgage is a popular banking service today that allows the purchase of real estate in installments for many years. But to get a mortgage loan, the borrower must have enough income to repay it. At the same time, you need to document your income. Banking institutions issue large sums, so they do not take the word of debtors.

In this article, we will consider the minimum income level required for a bank to approve a loan.

How much is needed to pay off the loan?

In the near future, in Russia, with a high degree of probability, a legal norm will be introduced, according to which banking institutions will not be able to grant loans to customers who will spend more than 50% of their income to repay the loan. The calculation takes into account not only the loan received, but also all loans that are credited to a given citizen. In other words, a person cannot spend more than half of his income to pay off loans. In this case, the income level does not matter.

This provision of the law has not yet been adopted and is still under development, but most banks have long been guided by it when granting loans. For example, receiving a salary of 50 thousand rubles, a customer cannot get a loan, on which he will have to pay 25 thousand rubles or more every month.

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What should be the salary?

There is no specific salary level that is sufficient for 100% loan approval. The fact is that property prices in different cities differ significantly, which means that the level of the minimum wage required will also differ.

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In large cities, especially when it comes to Moscow, where the average cost of a one-room apartment is 6.5 million rubles, to get a mortgage loan, even in the long term, it is necessary to have a pretty solid salary. If we talk about small regions, a small income will suffice.

Let's take Sberbank as an example, since citizens generally take out mortgage loans at that bank. To obtain a mortgage, it is necessary to make a mandatory down payment, which on average is 15% of the cost of the apartment.

At Sberbank, according to 2019 data, the base rate is 9.5% per year. If we add to this plus 0.2% when the first payment is less than 20%, as well as 0.5% for non-salary bank customers, the rate rises to 10.2% per year. If the insurance is cancelled, the rate increases by another 1 percent.

Calculating the salary needed to get a mortgage loan

A citizen has the opportunity to obtain a mortgage at Sberbank at 10.5% per annum. At least that's what the loan calculator shows. Let's make calculations on how much a potential borrower can count on, receiving a salary of 20-50 thousand rubles.

  • The salary is 20 thousand. With this level of income, the borrower can count on an amount of 970 thousand rubles, provided that the mortgage is issued for 20 years. In this case, every month you will have to pay 9,800 rubles, that is, a little less than half of your income.
  • Salary 30 thousand. The salary is higher, which means the mortgage value goes up. With this income, it is quite possible to count on a mortgage of 1.5 million rubles for a period of 20 years. Every month the bank will have to give you exactly half of your salary (15 thousand).
  • Net profit 40 thousand. This salary allows the borrower to count on 1.95 million rubles for a period of 20 years. You will have to pay 19,500 rubles per month.
  • The salary is 50 thousand. The potential loan amount is increased to 2.5 million rubles for a period of 20 years. The bank will have to give you exactly half of your salary every month.
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Taking these calculations into account, it can be argued that profitable to take a mortgage in Russia it is possible even if there is not the highest salary. You just need to correctly calculate your strength and choose those apartments that you will not have to pay for all your life.

Calculations are indicated taking into account an initial payment to borrowers of 15% of the amount. In other words, if the loan reaches 1 million rubles, if there is money to pay the first installment, the borrower can count on an apartment worth 1.15 million rubles.

In addition, calculations are made on the assumption that the potential borrower has no other debt obligations (eg, outstanding loans from other financial institutions) and dependents that he must provide.

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Taking out a family mortgage

Most of the time, the mortgage is not issued by a person, but by a family. In this case, the income of the spouses who are in an officially registered marriage are added together. Debts and assets are divided equally between the spouses, which allows them to claim a larger amount.

If the mortgage is granted to spouses, it is necessary to take into account these important points:

  • When analyzing the application, the bank takes into account the family's total income.
  • If one of the spouses does not work, but is fully supported by the second spouse, the bank will take this into account and reduce the maximum mortgage amount.
  • The banking institution takes into account all sources of family income, including day care and pension benefits.
  • If there are children in the family, the bank takes into account the costs of their maintenance. From the total income of the spouses, 10 thousand rubles are deducted for the maintenance of a child (this is the subsistence level for the maintenance of a child). For example, if the total income of the spouses is 40 thousand rubles, but they have two children, then the bank will take into account the family income of 20 thousand rubles.
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If the borrower's income or the total family income exceeds 50-60 thousand rubles, then the presence of a child in the family will not be taken into account. The borrower will still be able to rely on a mortgage with a monthly payment of up to 25-30 thousand rubles. However, if there is more than one child at this level of income, the customer's ability to pay will decrease and he will no longer be able to count on the same amount.

It must be understood that all calculations are made on the condition that the family does not have outstanding loans from other financial institutions. If there are other loans, this will naturally affect the borrower's solvency.

A bank's mortgage

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It's impossible to say exactly what the minimum wage should be for getting a mortgage. Much depends on the cost of the chosen apartment, debt obligations, presence of children and many other factors. Banks approach each case individually, taking into account a variety of points.

The main principle most banks are guided by is that the borrower, after paying the mortgage and all other mandatory payments, must have money to live on and support those who depend on him.

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