What is Affiliate Marketing? How to become an affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketing is The supplier's marketing form wants through the partner's websites to promote goods and services to consumers. Partners who earn money online will receive commission payments when referring customers to purchase products or perform any transaction in accordance with the provisions of this marketing program. Let's take a look at the article content below with Kiemtien.com to help you gain more knowledge Become a good affiliate.

Learn about affiliate marketing

You may not know it, the form of affiliate marketing was formed a long time ago and developed quickly in developed countries like USA, UK, Japan… Unlike other forms of communication that require products, man and you either sell directly or you have to spend large sums of money to hire workers. This way of doing affiliate marketing actually develops more optimally than the current online business way, eliminates complicated procedures and helps users to have a simpler and more comfortable life.

Vietnam is no exception, this way of making money online has been growing rapidly in recent years. It also helps to enrich your income from affiliate marketing.

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How does intermarketing work?

Big companies like Amazon, Apple, Google have affiliate programs, which are free to join globally. If you don't know about this, read "What is Affiliate Marketing?" In this article, you will discover one of the most exciting aspects of making money online from home.

How does affiliate marketing work?

The commission you receive depends on the product you are promoting and can range from US$ 1 to US$ 10,000. It consists of 4 simple steps to get into affiliate marketing, which are:

Step 1: Join an affiliate program

step 2: Choose a product to advertise (You will receive a unique marketing link)

step 3: Share link via social network: Blog, YouTube video, Facebook ad, instagram or any other

step 4: Commission will be paid to product marketing participants for each product they sell.

Should You Do Affiliate Marketing?

For people who love research and analysis and are looking for something online, this job is a great suggestion. You will always be creative to make your affiliate marketing stand out from hundreds of people in the same profession. This is the challenge, but also the brand that makes the work interesting. By becoming an Affiliate Marketing Producer, you will receive many benefits like:

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Should You Do Affiliate Marketing?
  • Be free to own your personal business: You will receive commissions for effective marketing in the process of selling products and services. At the same time, you are fully active in your work.
  • Low risk to get started: Getting started with affiliate marketing is usually completely free. Want to achieve high efficiency, you only invest a low cost like Facebook Ads or Google Ads, so the risk of making money online with this form is quite low.
  • You don't have to own the product: just focus on marketing to convince users to decide to use the service or product.
  • No need to focus on one topic or product: you can expand 2 or 3 topics from different areas to try out which product or service really works, you can work together and increase your income.
  • Not tied to any sales commitments: An affiliate marketing provider will help you with certain tools to achieve your goals and earn commissions.
  • Payment, Shipping – The supplier takes care of everything for you: Affiliate marketing programs or platforms will guarantee the shipping costs.
  • Making money online is easier than ever: if you have Digital Marketing skills, making money online becomes easier.
  • Be proactive about time: When all goes well, you'll have more time for yourself.

From the above issues, it can be seen that this form is a good way to earn money, not an affiliate marketing scam. However, there are still some cases that make affiliate marketing negative in the eyes of customers. That is, many people take advantage of the term Affiliate for fraudulent purposes. The common trick is to create teaching classes (building a website, SEO skills, advertising skills, …) to register or attract more people to join the course. The commission they receive is worth 100 to 500 thousand but it does not give the customer any real value. Therefore, you must be really awake and become a smart user by participating in the activity. The affiliate marketing website.

How to do affiliate marketing for beginners

Each person will have their own way of earning more income from this form of marketing. Depending on different fields or products, affiliate marketing strategies from a to z can be implemented. But the most important thing is how much effort and time you put into developing your affiliate marketing work. For beginners, the first thing to do is to have the right direction, non-stop action is the shortest path to success. You can refer to aaz affiliate marketing ebooks or learn from online affiliate marketing experience about the size of amazon affiliate models such as: lazada affiliate marketing model, amazon affiliate marketing model , shopee affiliate marketing template, etc. large scale in Vietnam. Here is some information you should know to gain more knowledge about affiliate marketing.

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How to do affiliate marketing for beginners

Take courses on how to do market marketing: If you are new to this online business, instead of fumbling around and searching for information scattered around on Google, take an affiliate marketing course. In terms of quality and cost, the 10-minute course every day to earn 1 million more months with affiliate marketing is a pretty reasonable choice. The lesson content is short, simple and to the point, and this is also the prestigious leading course in Vietnam today, AccessTrade.

Choose an affiliate marketing network: The first task is to choose a network for you affiliate marketing for more marketing products and more earning opportunities. Furthermore, it also helps you to increase your knowledge on how to do affiliate marketing more effectively. Currently in Vietnam there are some affiliate marketing networks like: AccessTrade, Masoffer, Civi, Adpia, Yeah1, Adflex.

Choose a marketing method: To make the goods and services more accepted by consumers, you can choose the following promotional images:

  • website promotion: Need a site with lots of traffic. You can place a banner or insert a marketing link in the article.
  • Promote facebook: You need a fanpage and group with a large number of followers and members. Just share the marketing link here and there and get bought by consumers, you will get a commission.
  • promote youtube: Need a youtube page with a lot of monthly views.
  • Promotion by email: You need to have a large email list and these emails are not of good quality.
  • Promote via Facebook Ads, Google Ads: You need to have skills to run Facebook and Google Ads ads. You should choose products with high commissions when running ads, but this form is only suitable for you with experience and a lot of capital.

But one thing is how to have the traffic source at hand? You have two options which are:

  • The first way: Get the link and share it on your personal page if you are a celebrity. If not, you have to spam other groups, winning or not depends on your spamming art. This is a common approach that newcomers choose, but success also comes with risks.
  • Second way: Start investing methodically. Creating your own website is a sustainable way to do affiliate marketing. Although it takes a while to make money from affiliate marketing through the website and you need a little bit of information technology knowledge to set up a website, knowledge of SEO and marketing.
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Join the facebook group: Facebook is the place where you can find help with these marketing issues. At the same time, it is also a place to build relationships and share knowledge, find motivation in successful people. So, joining community groups about affiliate marketing on Facebook is a pretty smart option for you.

Some popular shapes today

The main ways that advertisers are most popular today are: CPA, CPI, CPS and CPO.

CPA (cost per action): to be considered most popular in this model. Advertisers will pay commissions when you sign up, fill out forms, answer surveys, etc. This is also the ideal way to carry out online business marketing campaigns.

CPI (Cost per Installation): Paid installation in one. Mainly by software and application developers who want to introduce their software and applications to users. In Vietnam, CPI was also very popular years ago when MMO people worked for foreign networks.

CPS (Cost per Sale): The payment method on an order when the transaction is successful. This form is only used for individuals, organizations and companies who want to sell their products.

CPO (Cost per Order): The commission will be received when a customer successfully places an order on the advertiser's website. Currently, the CPO form is very popular in the Vietnamese market for the past 2 years.


Through the article above, I hope I helped you get a better overview of affiliate marketing as well as the steps to becoming a great network marketer. Follow our website Kiemtien.com to regularly update the most useful information! Good luck.