What is CPA? What makes CPA Marketing a special trend?

CPA there Affiliate marketing model where the provider will pay you a commission when a customer takes an action through your referral link. Customer actions can be purchases, account registration, survey forms, etc. So specifically the marketing model What is CPA?? What's so special about CPA Marketing? Find out with us in this article.

Basics of CPA and CPA Marketing

CPA (cost per action) is understood as the cost incurred when the customer performs an action. In a nutshell, when a customer performs a certain action, such as registering an account, making a purchase, downloading software, etc., via your referral link. At that point, the company providing the product will pay you a commission. CPA can bring many benefits and opportunities to advertisers. By applying the way CPA works in Affiliate Marketing, we will not need a website, investment capital or experience. From there, running advertising campaigns will be easier than ever.

In recent years, CPA Marketing has been mentioned a lot and its popularity is also proportionate. Various forms of advertising following this model were created one after the other. Create communities that make money with CPA Marketing or CPA Network. The CPA Network is an intermediary that connects advertisers and companies that provide products. From there, there are many attractive offers for you.

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What is CPA?
What is CPA?

How to make money with CPA

Compared to the CPM or CPC model, CPA is the model that ensures the best advertising performance for marketers and vendors. There will be no accidental clicking the wrong button or turning it on and leaving it alone. With the CPA model, companies only spend money when a customer generates an order through a certain action. By marketing CPA, you can make money from other people's products or services. What you need is to know the following 3 characteristics to start CPA Marketing:

  • The first is the Conversion Point, also known as the conversion point. This is the order the supplier makes of you if you want a commission. This means that the supplier must receive a specific action, such as an order or account registration request, and so on.
  • Second, Commission is the commission you receive when you have Conversion Points.
  • The last one is Traffic Source, which is a requirement for your promotion. Most networks now require advertisers to prove this.

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Should you join the CPA network?

Once you understand the features above, we will start making money. And the first thing to do is choose a product supplier. If you are an experienced advertiser and you have a large number of providers, you should start by joining the CPA Network. This is an extremely potential environment for you to develop. However, you also need to have certain skills and understanding to be able to trade with companies for the highest level of revenue.

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The most popular networks today are: PeerFly, CPALead, Max Bount or in Brazil, Accesstrade, etc. Once you select the CPA Network to join, you will be able to easily access providers. After that, your job is simply to use the provider's referral link to promote to customers, when you have Conversion Point through your link, you will get a commission. And here there are many offers (products/services) with enough fields and genres for you to choose based on the advantages you have.

CPA NetworkCPA Network
CPA Network

What is Offer in CPA Marketing?

As mentioned above, we learned what is the use of CPA in Marketing. So, do you know any offers in CPA Marketing? To answer this question. We will take a specific case for you to easily imagine. For example:

You receive a CPA marketing campaign from a retail company. The requirement of this supplier is that customers buy their products. And when you have a customer who takes the action to buy a product, then the supplier will pay you a commission. And this is interpreted as Offer (or form) CPS (cost per sale).

So, when you make money with CPA Marketing, you will have offers, also known as commission calculation forms. There will be 3 basic methods of calculating commissions:

Of the 3 Offers mentioned above, CPS is the Offer most used by companies. Because it directly impacts the company's profits, especially the retail business. And CPL will be suitable for companies with high value products or services, customers need to be consulted carefully before buying. As for the CPI, it can be said that this is the main important indicator for software development companies, especially start-up companies in the technology area.

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With that, you must have clearly understood what the definition of CPA is? As well as concepts and information about CPA Marketing. When the 4.0 era is on the throne, making money online has also become a “hot” trend in society. If you are fully equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills, then surely the job of CPA Marketing will be very simple for you. I hope this information will help you down the path of Affiliate Marketing. Good luck!