What is PTU? Experience and Things to Know About Paid To Upload

Paid to load there a way to earn money online, we will send data to the host and then share it for everyone to download and you will receive money. Paid To Upload method of earning money seems simple, but earning money must be a long work process. Workers must have some experience in making paid money to upload and these experiences must be accumulated and learned gradually. Normally, a site that makes money this way pays around 5 USD to 40 USD for 1000 downloads in any region and depending on the size of the file we share we can receive the corresponding amount.

Experience and things to know about PTU

When you want to make money with Paid to load successfully, first you need to learn some PTU experience. You need to know how this form works. Which files will attract users to download and where your content will be uploaded. To know about the above, you can refer to this section!

OCT experience

If you want to succeed with this form, you need to pocket the experience of earning money online with this Paid To Upload:

  • For faster download and upload, you need a separate VPS.
  • To be able to post online to a number of sites at once, you need Autopost software.
  • In order for the link posting process to help users download easily, you need a list of reputable foreign and Vietnamese free websites and forums.
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Experience and things to know about PTU
Experience and things to know about PTU

How does the PTU website work and how does it work?

As per the experience of earning money with Paid To Upload to start the work process you need to set up your account. Then upload the file to share for everyone to download, everyone finds the file download link useful to download and you will start earning paid money for successfully uploading by receiving a percentage of his money.

What should you send to attract users?

It seems that this experience can be easily grasped by those who are used to it. But for those starting out, this is also an important observation. We must participate in large forums, which have high volume of traffic and attract views and visitors, and current concerns such as databases, background music, movies, software, ebooks, etc. The kind of useful information is considered the best search and access volume today.

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Where will your files be shared?

The articles you share should be posted on major foreign forums for the simple reason that many PTU systems pay higher fees for traffic from abroad than Brazil and other Asian countries. For those who have a lot of experience, they will create their own sharing system like forums or personal blogs with sharing elements. With people with knowledge of SEO they build a system of good quality and easier!

Pros and Cons of Making Money with PTU

To better understand how to make money with PTU, let's know its advantages and disadvantages through the article below!

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Advantages and disadvantages of the OCTAdvantages and disadvantages of the OCT
Advantages and disadvantages of the OCT


Making money with PTU is considered to be making more money than making money with Paid to Click or Captcha. Along with that in the process, you won't worry about getting scammed because most of the OCT sites are reputable sites, so the level is also more reliable. This way of making money online can be suitable for many people, whether they are good at information technology or just starting out.


Just like other ways to make money online to have enough money to pay you need to invest a lot of time, effort and even funding. On average, if your link has no downloads, it will automatically unlink depending on the period of each service provider, which can be 30 days or 60 or 90 days, or you will have to pay for a Premium account. So, if you want to get familiar with this way of making money online, knowledge is a must.

The main form of CPU

  • File up: As the user mode will upload files like pdf, zip, rar… as soon as someone downloads you will have money.
  • Above photo: As a kind of photo upload game, you upload attractive images when someone clicks on the photo or views the photo, you will get paid.
  • Video up: This is the kind of clip playback, videos of unique and unique nature, when viewers click on it, you will get paid.


Above is the knowledge and experience of making money with Paid To Upload which I hope will give you the most basic overview when you want to make money online. Before you start valuing plans, have a clear idea and plan. Don't forget to persevere in investing a lot of time and effort, because there is no simple and easy way to make money.

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Good luck!

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