What is Mining City? The Truth About Bitcoin Mining City Fraudulent Mining Project

mining town there a Bitcoin mining project is operated on the basis of the method where project participants spend some money to buy Bitcoin mining speed. If the mining speed is better, it means more Bitcoins can be mined, this is considered a product manufacturing process as in business. To learn more about what Mining City is, as well as answer questions about Mining City, a cheap scam or safe investment, see the article below from Kiemtien.com.

Discover the Mining City

Since the beginning of 2022, the Bitcoin mining project in Mining City is attracting a lot of interest from investors. This project is simply understood that investors will contribute together an amount of money to buy investment packages and share attractive profits. Mining City is focusing on speeding up the mining process of 2 main cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoinvault (BTCV). By registering to buy Bitcoin mining package, Mining City will provide mining technology equipment, maintenance and help improve Bitcoin mining performance. At the same time, management costs can be reduced a little.

To date, Mining City is ranked among the top 20 Bitcoin mining pools in the world and among the top 15 BTC mining pools in the world. However, finding information about this project is still quite difficult because there are no documents, documents or press releases about this project. Even in Brazil, there is only information that Mining City started to appear in May 2022 and evaluates this project as very HOT in the countries and especially in Korea. Therefore, we recommend that you get to know the Cidade Mineira project carefully before deciding whether to register and use this service or not.

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Some information about Mining City

Project domain name Mining City: https://miningcity.com/vi/ And we learned and explored some information as follows:

  • Registration Date: August 23, 2003
  • Update date: December 29, 2018
  • Expiration date: August 23, 2022
  • Representative: Private Registry
  • Address: 14455N. Hayden Road, Scottsdale, Aiona, USA
  • Phone: +1.4806242599
  • Email: [email protected]

The updated information above shows that this is a reputable and transparent coin mining project.

Is the Cidade Mineira project a farce or not?

This is a project that is being researched and participated by many in the community. Cryptocurrency. Therefore, when a project reaches a certain level of Hot, it is inevitable to find divergent opinions. There are many doubts about whether Mining City is a scam or not? Why doesn't Mining City mine Bitcoin when they have such a good system instead of selling it to investors? However, according to customer records, so far, there has been no sign that Mining City has cheated customers. The project is still operating stably, paying full interest to customers. That means this is a safe, reliable, respectable project that is worth the investment.

Basic evaluation of the Mining City project

The Mining City project started appearing in Brazil around May 2022 and is currently very interested in the Crypto community. And when it comes to this project, there are two opposing views: one side thinks Mining City is a hoax, the other thinks this is a potential project. As for the world, according to kiemtien.com, investor interest in the project really isn't much. But some information suggests that this is a project with the participation of investors from large countries such as Korea, China and Japan.. This project is trusted and developed by the financial community for the following reasons:

  • Mining City is Official partner of BTC.com – the world's best mining pool in China
  • Partner with Blockchain and MineBest – the best equipment supplier in the world
  • Land is granted by the government of Kazakhstan to use within 5 years to build a coin miner
  • Prestigious ADA members Bitmain join the project
  • Early 2022 Using Whatsminer M21S - This is the best excavator today
  • Reasonable daily interest and bonus payment policies
  • The community grows together, the service is strong and spread across the world
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How does Mining City work?

The mechanism of the project is to invest in trust and earn money by mining virtual currency. This means that Mining City will sell packages of Bitcoin mining capacity services corresponding to the amount of money investors spend, not selling investment packages as many people still believe. When investors spend more money, they will buy faster mining packages, so Mining City will use that money to invest in buying machinery and installing and operating… This will help to operate smoothly. a mining system to dig coins, avoid unnecessary risk. At the same time, interest will be paid to portfolio investors at an interest rate of 300% for 3 years.

Here is some more information about the following fraudulent virtual currency exchange:

How does Mining City work?

Furthermore, the project Mining City offers investors 6 Bitcoin mining packages with each price compatible with capacity and duration of 1100 days (3 years).

  • Primary: US$ 350
  • Standard: US$ 600
  • Bronze: $ 1,200
  • Silver: $ 2,400
  • Gold: $ 4,200
  • Platinum: US$ 12,600

Step-by-step instructions for registering for a Mining City account

Step 1: Visit the Mining City homepage at the link Miningcity.com. Then click the REGISTER button on the right corner of your desktop screen or in the Menu section on your phone.

Step 2: Fill in your personal data and press Create a new account

Create a new account

Step 3: Activate your account by following the confirmation link in your email inbox

Activate the confirmation link in your email


Above are all the information about the Cidade Mineira project to answer the question what is Cidade Mineira? and Mining City is a scam?” However, investors should equip themselves with the necessary knowledge before deciding to invest in Bitcoin mining projects. Avoid and limit risk to the lowest level, I wish you success.

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