How to find a reliable supplier of Chinese products?

Chinese products are no longer consumer goods and today more and more entrepreneurs are struggling to conclude a supply agreement for various products with Chinese suppliers. Which is not surprising, as this market is famous for its internationally certified quality and a great selection of small trinkets and large products.

Today you'll find out why it makes sense to look at Chinese products, how to buy them from suppliers, and what you need to know about this process. So, let's get straight to the instructions on how to find a supplier from China and be satisfied after working with them!

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Why pay attention to Chinese import products?

If you still doubt the quality of Chinese products and are skeptical about cooperation with suppliers of goods from China, we encourage you to pay attention to this way of doing business.

So why does it make sense to find a supplier in China:

  • a wide range of products;
  • small investments in the initial phases of acquisition;
  • most items are certified by international standard quality;
  • the opportunity to make a profitable mark-up;
  • practicality in the process of logistics and delivery of products to the buyer.

The Chinese market is customer-oriented and attends to every step of receiving the products you have ordered, which is very important.

You can choose for yourself a convenient way to interact with a supplier in China, starting with your own desires to do business.

Which China product supplier do you need: selection based on your business objectives

One type of cooperation is that you can go through several paths: producing a product in China, buying goods in bulk, or finding a supplier of Chinese products in your city.

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You can also contact intermediaries and avoid paperwork, avoid studying the pitfalls and complexities of working with Chinese suppliers.

Traders know how to sell Chinese products to foreign buyers and have a wider range of very different products, which is a big plus.

Is it also worth determining in what quantity you want to purchase the goods, in bulk or by the piece? The difference in the algorithm of actions with each seller will depend on it.

  1. FOR big wholesalers you need to sign up for a large batch of the same product and the same brand.
  2. if you refer to manufacturer, so be ready to conclude a contract and buy a large lot (most of the time it's more than 500 units of goods). This China supplier works mainly through intermediaries.
  3. For medium and small batches of goods from various brands, you need to go to resellers.

If you don't want to pay middlemen, you can independently search for suppliers in China using various services, which we'll talk about later!

how to find a supplier from china

How to find a China supplier online and attending events?

There are many services that simplify the process of finding a supplier for future cooperation. You can remotely buy the desired product, check the rating and read the reviews before starting the interaction.

We are talking about online platforms to find a supplier from China.

  • Ali Express. Perhaps the most popular online store for Chinese goods, which was originally not intended for wholesale purchases. Even so, it's easy to find the right supplier for you here. One of the benefits of this service is Frequent news from Chinese manufacturers, trending things, ratings and comments. The downside may be the discrepancy between the “reality” and the website photo, so ordering large quantities is advised only after sample analysis the same product from different suppliers.
  • Taobao. Unlike the resource above, this site focuses on large wholesale. Taobao works in С2С, has no minimum order limit, delivers the goods in 30-70 days (there is also a paid express delivery function), the site has a large number of intermediaries… The site is entirely in Chinese, but if you use translators, you'll be happy with a quick purchase.
  • Made in China. website is operational by the B2B system, also has express delivery, without this option the goods arrive in 1 to 2 months. The site requires a minimum order of one hundred units of goods, but at the same time you you can place a trial order…Made in China works in Russian, contains many different products and suppliers can be searched by convenient categories.
  • Alibaba. Yet another wholesale resource, which seems to be the biggest service for working with foreigners. China's product suppliers are targeted at foreign buyers, site managers can conduct a dialogue in English… Here you can really find your reliable supplier for cooperation, but don't forget to carefully check the documentation. Take advantage of the purchase contest function, check the shipment of goods and the supplier and many other things that will help you make a good choice for safe and long-term cooperation.
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Another way to find suppliers in China is to visit exhibitions. Follow the announcement of these events, because at them you can personally agree on mutually beneficial cooperation.
Of course, the most ideal option would be a personal trip to a factory, company or factory.… Merchandise exhibitions are held annually not only in Russia, but also in China, if you have the opportunity to visit there, do not hesitate to look for reliable suppliers.

The most important advantage in such a trip– this is an overview of goods that are not yet in your country, a personal knowledge without intermediaries, the conclusion of a contract and the opportunity to personally verify the quality of the purchased products. Don't forget the niceties.: you need to approve your business as a participant in the event, look for an interpreter to avoid the language barrier and pay financial expenses (airfare, accommodation, forum or exhibition ticket).

how to find a supplier from china

How to avoid failures with suppliers from China?

Nobody canceled the fakups, so we can't help but mention them. We are sure how to find a supplier in China, you realized, but we haven't mentioned complex processes yet, but they really can be. So we list the possible ones.

  1. Always inform yourself to and from the terms of delivery, shipping, payment, conclude contracts where all the nuances of cooperation are prescribed.
  2. Insist that the supplier send you product samples to help you ensure quality before making a major purchase.
  3. Properly assess the supplier's pricing policy, if the cost of goods is significantly less than the market value, then one should first think about the honesty of the seller.
  4. Choose a supplier that has experience with foreign buyers.
  5. Give preference to products that are sold in the region where they were made.
  6. Request quality certificates.
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Suppliers of Chinese goods to Russia may be guilty of dishonesty, but they do not disclaim responsibility and do not ask questions about every step of transporting goods to you.

In conclusion, we want to say that buying Chinese products from trusted suppliers will really play a significant role in the prosperity of your business. Approach this issue responsibly and meticulously study the topic of how to find a supplier in China, we are sure that our article helped you with that!

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