Why intangible team motivation and how will it increase company sales?

The carrot and stick paradigm as an organization of the work process is long overdue. Time dictates its own rules and young professionals want to receive a little more than just bonuses and payouts at the end of the month. Give your employees non-financial motivation and you will see what your business will achieve. How to do this? Let's find out today!

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Why do you need non-financial team motivation?

First of all, it is necessary to say that both employees and the company need this tool to organize the workflow. The more efficiently tasks are performed, the faster the company earns profits and grows upwards.

Your task is to motivate the team to pay dividends head and hand.

And due to the fact that monetary rewards, salary increases and other material “rewards”, as practice shows, help only for a while, successful companies began to introduce intangible employee motivation.

Let's talk about some more reasons that make you think about this tool:

  • significant reduction in staff turnover;
  • creating the right friendly work atmosphere
  • a tangible increase in employee interest in fast, quality job performance;
  • personnel costs are reduced;
  • employees' loyal attitude towards the company and the desire to act “for one thing”;
  • the development of decent working conditions increases competitiveness in the market.
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It's important to understand the main thing – no, not everything is tied to money and people really need to be aware of their involvement, their needs in the workplace. Examples of non-financial motivation of a company's staff always speak of a positive experience on the part of the owner and staff. Therefore, we will talk more about what types and methods there are for immaterial motivation and how to introduce them into your business.

TOP-7 types of intangible motivation

Honestly admit, everyone would love to receive bonuses for overwork, new business solutions, and manager efficiency. It often happens that this goes unnoticed and a person leaves the workplace with a suitcase of disappointment, uncertainty in his competence day after day for a long period of time. This shouldn't be so, so here are some team motivation examples right now!


It has already been proven that the space around you affects your internal mood. So equip a room that is pleasant to be in and doesn't make you want to go home as quickly as possible. Don't skimp on cleaning, a comfortable sofa and small kitchen for lunch, useful chairs and the availability of all office benefits.

Mentoring for beginners.

When hiring someone with no experience, think of someone who can train you exactly the way your company needs it. This is very important, because mentoring shows a more experienced employee that he is valuable and needed, and for the newcomer, it demonstrates your concern for him and your willingness to help acquire knowledge and skills.

Achievements frame.

In the constant race to complete one project after another, all the work done piles up. It's not clear how much you've accomplished in a short amount of time, as there's no time to even think about it. For this reason hang a board with all kinds of motivating information: team achievements per month, number of closed projects and sales, employee performance rating.

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Work conditions.

This only includes your responsibilities such as paying your salary on time, meals, health insurance, a well-defined schedule, formalities, travel, breaks and so on. Human working conditions always attract more than any amount of money.

intangible team motivation


Not surprisingly, the non-financial motivation of employees includes this fact as well. You must not close your eyes to him. Make it clear to the state why they work, where you are all striving and what goal you are achieving.… When a person does something with an understanding of the end result, he charges to do everything to the fullest.without thinking that working for your company is a waste of time.


We think that everyone has heard about gym membership and business vacations, discounts on events, payment for advanced training and everything in that context, depending on the area of activity. Encourage employees to develop in all areas. All this will be a great advantage and a great advantage in working with you.

Creating competitiveness.

Nothing motivates you like the desire to be more effective, more efficient and more objective than others. Organize contests, competitions for the title of “best employee” and you will see how your team will develop energetically. This is an excellent form of immaterial motivation of the staff, which implies the progress of the entire enterprise.

Thus, analyzing examples of immaterial motivation of employees, we are sure that such innovation will please not only managers and entrepreneurs, but also ambitious young specialists and newcomers. Don't forget about the growth of each individual employee, promote the best and help newbies discover it.

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