How to get a promotion at work 2023|→ 5 Reliable Ideas

How to get a promotion at work.

The Internet is full of countless advertisements for magicians and fortune-tellers in the fiftieth generation. Because the luminaries of esotericism promise to help with promotion, opening money channels. And as a bonus, they offer miraculous protection against the evil eye of Galina's secretary. Convenient and, most importantly, fast. But you don't need to do much. Just give the nth amount of money for the service, go out to the crossroads at night and read the magical plot. Well, then wait for your candidacy to be recommended for the position of director of a successful company and offer a breathtaking salary.

But, as practice shows, this method is useless. And if you've grown from your position, are ready to start climbing the career ladder and want to achieve success, there is a solution. Use actionable tips to help you impress your management and team without intrusive self-promotion.

Don't be afraid of competition

Business is like playing tennis. And until you learn that the serve is made from the baseline of the court, do not learn how to throw the ball correctly and force the opponent out of bounds – the path to great sport is closed for you. Therefore, think about each decision three steps ahead and do not give in to difficulties. Because you need to prove to management that you are a valuable employee and that you are not afraid of the competition. You can do this in the following ways:

  • solve problems as a team;
  • take the initiative;
  • gradually take away the most important work for yourself;
  • take on large projects;
  • be punctual;
  • learn from the mistakes and successes of others;
  • seek contact with management;
  • Don't complain to the boss about difficulties.
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Prove to your boss and team that you have your own point of view. If you are afraid to openly criticize management decisions, you can use the trick and express your proposal in the form of a question: “What if…?”, Outlining the idea further.

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Learn to work as a team

How to get a promotion and respect from colleagues? We assure you that it is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Teamwork is considered the best responsible and contributes to career advancement. Learn how to communicate effectively with colleagues, make compromise decisions, and maintain company employee morale. Proceed as follows:

  • offer management envy of corporate traditions;
  • organize team building;
  • communicate more with colleagues, start a corporate chat if it doesn't exist;
  • do not spread rumors;
  • be friendly, offer your help.

But don't go overboard with the last paragraph. Why? From a cornucopia, requests from colleagues will begin to pour in on you. The system administrator will need to be replaced, the accountant will need to prepare an annual report. Know how to say a firm “no” in situations where they openly want to transfer responsibilities to you.

Self development

Many people have been in the same position for years. This stagnant career occurs for a number of reasons. Unwillingness to leave the comfort zone, fear of taking responsibility, complete laziness do not allow you to overcome the high bar. If there is no more growth, sunset is near. Remember this when you decide to put off until tomorrow what you can do today or go to a bar with friends instead of taking care of yourself.

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Let's take the example of hockey. Is it more important to watch puck movement or evaluate the development of the game as a whole? The answer is obvious. That's how it is in business. Since there is no need to focus on one process, look at the situation from all sides. Expand the scope of your skills, learn new things and grow professionally. Don't forget to share your skills with management, asking for the opportunity to practice them.

Speak right

Mirabeau is one of the most famous orators of medieval France. Do you know how he achieved popularity and recognition? For months I rehearsed the presentation, memorizing the text. Fortunately, you don't need to do this to improve your reputation on the team. Learn to communicate clearly and use phrases that will promote you. Here is a list of the most effective:

  • “Teach me this”;
  • "I can try?";
  • “I know how to make everything work even better”;
  • “I'm sorry, I'm sorry”;
  • "What would you do in this situation?";
  • “Tell me about your professional career”;
  • "I appreciate your help";
  • “I like this job.”

If you are new to the team and already interested, how to get a raise in a year – actively use the phrases above. Learn to please people, show interest in work, follow the rules of business etiquette and subordination.

How to get a pay raise at work

Do you work for a meager salary and don't understand why friends go to the Maldives and when they have time to change cars? After all, you were the best at school, and at the institute you wrote theses for the entire stream. What went wrong and how to get out of the vicious circle of low wages? Sometimes the first step starts with a kick in the ass.

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Feel free to ask. Put the idea in your boss's head that you need to pay more. It is worth preparing a private conversation, clearly arguing your position. The main message of the conversation: “What can and should I do to earn good money?” Do not forget to immediately announce the desired amount and remember your successes at work.

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And one more important point. The boss appreciates employees who know how to solve their problems. The boss didn't have time for the morning planning meeting and didn't distribute the control center to the team, forgot to arrange the repair of the office coffee machine? Do everything for him. Because it will tell you.

How to get a promotion at work – in conclusion

Learn to focus on work, build a career plan step by step. Because the ability to properly plan time plays an important role. This will allow you to remain an effective and sought-after expert. It is not enough to do quality work, tasks must be completed quickly. To learn how to manage a department, you first need to learn how to manage yourself. Responsibility and punctuality are qualities inherent in every leader.

One of the components of success is the right choice of game. If you have been in the same position for many years, you cannot move up the career ladder, and your salary does not grow, you will play in another field, achieving victories there. And don't regret anything. You need to work in a company where you will be appreciated.